1. Joker U

    Not just a movie, portrayal of raw rural india is what the maker has given to the viewers. How fund allotted for various development schemes to uplift the standard of poor Indians get eaten away before it reaches its destination and also is what turns down life of a common man, how he reacts to it is narrated in laughter plus saddened way.
    If it need a change for the people then it have to start from the people itself and the lead hero is one among who fights for that change in a manner he can. Contradictories in this nation where one can afford a 4G phone, Commuter bike, fuel for it but could not afford a toiletry could be seen in the movie.
    The first half is full of joy and fun, and the next half say the real hard hitting fact behind it. Performaces by all lead characters, music, dialogues are good. The 'kukkoo' director proves he is capable of repeating his early magic and by his next creation sure will prove he is one of top notable maker to the audience. peole who do atrocities spoiling the nation and people who are mute spectators to it are actual Jokers are seen when you stand by the movie and is the truth.  


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