Manjunatheshwara KJ




Saithan Saithan

Buildup in the first half and let down after interval.


Pink Pink

PINK first half carries aftermath of a party night mishap. Bold girls are broken by abuse. They are threatened by politically backed acquaintances. Following arrest of a girl, a senior citizen from the neighborhood offers to help. Arguments and counters follow during the court trials in the second half. The movie concludes on a positive note. The movie tries to address social issues, such as stereotyping women, and also Indians from the northeast part of the country to a certain extent. Amitabh, the actor is majestic. The dialogues delivered were solid and steady. Especially the ones, breaking stereotypes. The character played by him, was thoughtful. So the dialogues were put forth to audience as simple messages. I wish there was detailing on the wife character. I expected a story in that part.


Mudinja Ivana Pudi Mudinja Ivana Pudi

On the lines of performances of Minsara Kanna with Vijay, Ethiri with Madhavan, Aadhavan with Surya, its now MudinjaIvanaPudi with Sudeep. Poor story line and execution by KSR. There's so much cliche in the film. Considering the fact that, film industries have different trends across different regions, this film might succeed in Karnataka than in Tamil Nadu.


Joker Joker

A man sitting in the row behind us with his family expressed a kind of discontent to his wife. He stated, "Are we supposed to watch a movie like this as a family?". He sounded more like embarrassed. Joker sheds light upon corruption with every individual in the country and helplessness of every citizen. The concept of the movie is comparable to public awareness videos, played along every movie screened in theaters. Actor Guru Somasundaram has performed like a seasoned actor. Reviewer Bosskey in his review rightly said that his performance deserves national award.


Kabali Kabali

Expectations from a Rajinikanth film is always Sky High, anything less than that, the fans get disheartened. Kabali is a love emotional drama. Rajinikanth proves to be a fantabulous actor in the film and has worked on his expressions in every single frame. Radhika Apte has shouldered Rajinikanth in acting. Unforgettable is Rajinikanth's dialogue in the climax and the fight sequence. BGM is astounding. Apart from the lead pair, actor Dinesh gets applauded by the audience. Considering the age factor Rajinikanth is different now, but not to forget he is still a Super Star. The movie is good.


Kuttrame Thandanai Kuttrame Thandanai

Kutrame Thandanai revolves around a bachelors life. He struggles with a low paid job. Having a medical condition where he could permanently lose his vision, he struggles to pay for his treatment. Under such circumstances, he turns to be a witness for a murder in the neighborhood. The man uses the situation to his advantage and makes a deal with the offenders. He is struck between guilt and survival. Further the plot takes twists to show, whether the culprits are caught and his problem is resolved. The movie makes audience watch it, sitting at the edge of their seats. Vidharth shows profound acting skills. Characterizations seem mature. Screenplay is intact and keeps audience engaged throughout. Music by Ilayaraja, is of his usual style. Pooja Devariya, Nasser, Rahman, Aishwarya impress with their acting. This is a must watch for all movie buffs. This movie can be a strong contender to Joker under several categories of National awards this year.