Gowtham Viswanath




Hindi Medium Hindi Medium

HM takes up the root of dramedy in disclosing the issues of education system and the mindset and attitude towards it in today's India. The Lead Roles carry the Movie throughout the end, serve as a fair medium while conveying the intentions and backing up the flow at sulky states as well. Making the Screenplay lighter appeals for the Masses which at the same leaves inconsistent pace issues that limits the Direction to move through without balancing the Film. The Cinematography is only tolerable and stays that way through to the last. 3.1 for the light and fairish Writing followed by adequate Direction and the comfortably engaging Leads.


Oru Kidayin Karunai Manu Oru Kidayin Karunai Manu

OKKM builds around its characters' attributes and finishes with exhibiting human nature at various states and situations. The comical fragments spreading through the tension shoots up the Film because of the contradicting feels that it brings out of those moments. The Writing should be lauded for creating a series of events that finished with an impasse from the indefinite reality, whereas the Direction opened up a way for the Screenplay to build up and strike the right chords most times while fading at times, mostly because of the erratic Performances of some Actors and the Music that couldn't give the pace a push up. 3 stars for the elaborate Writing and the Direction that built around it with ups and downs.


Neerja Neerja

Neerja, the film too braved out soulfully like the brave woman. The Direction rode on the cozy and heartwarming Writing truly and gracefully yet left a thought of wanting more. The Performances did their parts absolutely well in especial the Lead. The Lead Lady elated the choices of the Character positively and set up a unshakable picture of Neerja finally made a proud emphasis. The Technical values assisted the run really well. Lastly, Neerja stood true to Her Characteristics. 3.5 for the narrating this bravish Incident with high spirits and emotions.


Airlift Airlift

Airlift was a successful mission with the accuracy on details having been worked on highly. While detailing lent its support very effectively for the move the Movie was short on extravagant aspect, away from the convention. Striking out the demand would yet leave a very good Flick and no disappointing jobs done, which would have to do with every direct associations with the Film. The Satisfaction did grew towards the end for keeping the line without losing. 3.5 for the highly satisfying grandeur.


Thozha Thozha

Thozha didn't mix in well with the pattern used. The Original stands beyond measure and stood perfectly strong while passing over every comparable and additive scene. Though the Lead Actor Karthi delivered agreeable Performance to the territorial setting, the balance failed with the other Lead Actor Nagarjuna. The added circumstances totally blemished of its overused approach. Some retaining from the Original made wee bit watchable. 1 star for the few contained Original spirit.


Puthiya Niyamam Puthiya Niyamam

Puthiya Niyamam got clinched to a smooth and steady pace that finally raced towards an intensified and enhanced end. With no uninterrupted factors, the simple Writing aced very much above the known and familiar base could offer. Most of all the elements got well and worked together into presenting the Film much more than watchable. The composing befitting the disposition of the characters and the pace brought pushing grip. 3.5 stars for the harmonious work that added delighting betterment to the usual.


Zero Zero

Zero deceived of the promising impressions and expectations that It created. The total disappointment plus the peskiness infested a hate against this squandered, meandering Flick. No elements could be added up to making worthwhile or even to atleast stand by It. Complete disastrous, supposed 'New Age' attempt where even a nice and growing, talented Composer looked lame. 0 star for the uninspiring ruin.


Kapoor and Sons Kapoor and Sons

Kapoor & Sons were really real and one of the families that could exist. Strikingly, and also most precisely written Screenplay about a family that invited with emotions that were characteristic of their own. The Director's hand immensely held the Movie highly watchable and palpable without adding any unneeded elements to the Screenplay but was short of somethings that were unjustified or neglected. The Performances were delivered absolutely perfectly with uncompromising effort. 3.5 stars for the Director's close precision and heart-warming, effortful Performances.


Charlie Charlie

Charlie celebrated life just simply. The Portrait of the Lead and the characters around were engaging to enough to make it entertaining simply and the search was blissful and light-hearted like the Lead. The Movie had almost all elements with minor disruptions here and there for being good. The Music and the Picturization were supporting and enhanced the flow of the journey inviting peace and harmony to the mind. 3 stars for being simply blissful.


Kadhalum Kadanthu Pogum Kadhalum Kadanthu Pogum

KKP maintained its testing pace throughout as for its Lead Characters' lives. But that same perspective demanded exquisite elements round the Movie for to have kept it tictac. Properly done yet requiring for the expectation led the Performances to be adequate enough similarly, the Cinematography. Certain interests could have been made of the Director's effort adding richness to the level of inactivity and emptiness held within. 1.5 stars for the proper Performances and missing interests of the Crew.


Kanithan Kanithan

Kanithan altogether contained a piece of information for headline. The rest fell under typical Mainstream bish. The clumsiness of every single element reflected in the Movie's failure. 0 star for the blunder.


Pichaikkaran Pichaikkaran

Pichaikkaran, right from the start, was a melodrama that had some points to convey. It suits the Mainstream Audience exclusively as it brought the image of honest and humble character and the sentimental touch of maternalism that fluxed to the end. 1 star for working the maternal kinship right.


Sethupathi Sethupathi

Sethupathi can offer nothing new to even when it comes to Mainstream Cinema. It focused on establishing the Lead Actor as a Ethical and Emotional Cop, which follows the same steps as the former Mainstream Actors. 0.5 star for the rehearse.


Tamasha Tamasha

Tamasha's uncertainty towards destiny kept it conflicting, and then came the usual. The fears about taking passion as profession was anything but a cliche. The most deserving Photography brings out breeziness for the eyes. Throughout the Performances that carried the Movie maintained mediocrity in agreement with the Direction and Screenplay. The Composer rendered a slight disappointment. 2.5 stars for everything being mediocre.


Jil Jung Juk Jil Jung Juk

JJJ didn't strike well, nor had the potential setting to be striking. From the top to bottom JJJ struggled from adhering to its own stated-futuristic-environment. The base of the Movie was unclear throughout, gave an alien and messed up outlook which too wasn't mature enough to stay in the mind. Revising the Ideas and Structures before Pre-Production might have done some good. The Background went out of place for the same reason. 0.5 star for the rhetoric and fluffed commencement that doesn't have valid or any conclusion at all.


Ennu Ninte Moideen Ennu Ninte Moideen

ENM disillusioned, of its Reviews that posted its grandeur, via the Movie's run stunned of its failure in impressing mostly. The poor Direction overlooked many cliches associating only a smatter of highs. Patchy work of the Screenplay let the Movie down to a new low, which might have had a chance of undoing when in the hands of the Director. Highlighting points being the Cinematography and a few Performances esp. the Lead Actress kept it together at times. Other than that it was nothing like anything from the Reviews. 2 stars for the high points that were really good (which include some shots).