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M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story

POSITIVES: 1. SUSHANTH singh rajput he has lived as ms dhoni critically to say even the mole of msd in face has been added to him such a dedication 2. also other cast selection the boy acted as yuvraj looked exactly like him 3.bgm super god cinemotography NEGATIVE: 1. i dont know about the songs in hindhi but in tamil they sucked which the dubbing didnt suit our audience 2. dragging screenplay and it becomes even more worst when the love portions begined 1ST HALF: 1. at the begiining it will look like a big awesome movie but as it goes on the speed slows down masala movie lovers will hate it yet it gives u a hope that something will be special in second half afer nearly 1and half hour 1st half mass scene : sachin photo bought by child ms dhoni in shop best scene: dhoni describbing how yuvi performed in match 2NDHALF: its going to test your patience thats what i will say as only the love portion was new to us more slow than 1st half many scenes were known and predictable it become like seeing a highlights of a test match best scene: dada telling select dhoni instead of dk mass scene : doni comming to bat at world cup 2011 with crowd chearring dhoni dhoni OVERALL: generally class movie lovers loves this but if u expect the movie to be in an entertaning manner rather than a documentary u will not like this movie for sure dhoni fans will like it but neutral audience its going to test your patience to the most criciket lovers will watch and like for players reference awseome scenes


Aandavan Kattalai Aandavan Kattalai

POSITIVES : 1. ENTIRELY different script 2.vijay sethupathi acting asusal with a mass title card start for him as makkal selvan 3. comedy and tragedy mixed will equal level 4.songs are good just 2 and pleasent also added at the right time in movie 5.each and every character in movie has done well especially yogi babu 6.ritika singh looks gorgeous and homely NEGATIVES: 1.very tiny mistakes in editing and in one scene vijay sethupathy speaking in phone and screen shows black and white pathches and green coulour 1ST HALF full of comedys u will see it as a different movie its hihglight is yogi babu it will look like somewhat predictable and feel not 100% satisfy at interval card but 80% satisfy . no best scene or mass scenes in first half only cmdy scenes :)...... 2ND HALF: here only more tragedy and thrilling portions simultaneously mixed with cmdy and entertainment comes not even for 1sec our eyes will move away more than first half second half is awesome mass scene: vijay sethupathi acting and mokking house owner after before yogi babu call from america best scene: court scene in where vjs and ritka act as fake husband and wife to get divorce OVERALL: this is very entertaining enjoyable movie u can enjoy with family its minimum 3 times watchable and its a BIG MOVIE WHICH WILL BE DRAGGING AND U WILL ALSO KNOW THAT BUT U WILL STILL enjoy it thats this movies specality it also has a message telling us how a small seed of a frod work grows into a big tree of problems and also bonds with other seeds of problems CAST REPLACEMENT- not needed if dhanush acts it will also be good RATING - 78%


Thodari Thodari

POSITIVES: 1. new concept in tamil cinema even though it has been inspired from hollywood movie unstoppable 2. good society diaouges showing realistics 3. keerthi sureshs mental like acting she overtaken genilea shows her skills in acting 4.radha ravi jokes NEGATIVES: 1.VFX especially in the 1st song parts it looks rubbish apdiyee pachaiyaa theriyudhu 2. mokka jokes from karunagaran and dhanush 3.songs during unwanted areas and also love dialouges 4. very funny logics at some portion like dhanush is dancing and jumping above a train which is moving 120 km speed stunts done if these negatives were taken care flim would be blockbuster NEUTRAL: 1. thambi ramiah jokes were not upto mark only in second half it was good 2.songs 3 songs 2 were good but added during wrong time makes audience dissapoint one keerthi suresh song not needed can cut that mass scene - dhanush dialouge with an army physco guy who talks bad of tamil and tamil movies pakka response from crowd there are no best scenes 1ST HALF:- the speed of movie slows and due to comedys mokka cmdys and it makes us like when will they start the story except the 1st song(only to hear) and some few thrilling moments which was the base of the trouble start in train nothing was special ....prabu solaman just gives us hopes with a thrilling intreval card the natural mountain beauty and falls beauty were not there like in MYNAA. 2ND HALF:- the gear changes from 2nd gear to 5th very thrilling and exciting the TV inter view with politicians were a highlight and the director has given a tight slap to the media and reporters .u can enjoy the secong half except one song which u will laugh out which was actually done to show the amount of love between the hero and heroine :) ... best scenes- interview in a tv cannel called unmai along with radha ravi jokes OVERALL: guys who have watched unstoppable will laugh out of this movie who have not watched will like it for the second half and its a one time watchabale defintely with family its not a usual prabhu solaman r dhanush movie satisfying u its very differnt if u accept some funny logics u will love it and children will love it it will definitely become a hit in C and B centres but in cities its difficult for this above average flim cast replacement- not needed but barath and siva kathikeyan also suit for these roles RATING - 69%


Iru Mugan Iru Mugan

POSITIVES: 1. MR. Chiyaaan vikram the man gave as he does in all movies thr GAY character makes and satisfies the audience more than the manly physical role . vikram handsome looks in movie and he ried dance which worked out 2. different script choosen yeah thats a positive but the will this be accepted by tamil audience ????? 3. BGM rocks 4. cinematography VFX were given 100% 5.nayanthara she looked far better than in stupid thirunaal after arrambam im seeing nayan in good look and also nithya menon im basically a hater of her but this movie she looked good 6.HALENA song NEGATIVES: 1. the fight sequence which is to over hyping and looking supernatural .but yes they do have a reason fort that but to promise the people u need lot budget to give it clean as done in hollywood infact the fight watchable due to bgm 2. slow secong half WITH LOGIC ALSO missing in some portions NEUTRAL: 1. thambi ramayas comedy and also overall cmdys in movie makes me laugh at some time and then makes me just think why are they wasting time with these crap jokes 2. songs r coming in neutral due to HALENA and irumugan settai other wise it will be a negative . except these two songs others sucked 1ST HALF super u can enjoy it fight bgm joke all mixed perfect entertainer very thrilling interval enjoyed it mass scene - vikram intro and fight good scene-karunakaran explaining about the speed drug which is the main concept of story and then atonce nithya menon telling further about HITLER 2ND HALF: its basiclly slow and thesongs make them even slow the GAY character of vikram saves the second half the director anand couldnt take off the illogical scenes as due to the storyline .at sometimes it will test your patience with unwanted dialoges especially when nithya menon is upto die mass scene- HOSPITAL scene where villain vikram comes as nurse and doing all criminal activities in funny manner it just remember me of JOKER in batman good scene - nothing like that OVERALLL: its a one to two times watchable commercial+scientific flick in simple if u like the movie I. then u will love this one tooo . persons expecting too much logic will not like it . u can enjoy it with family its a dream flim and treat for vikram fans RATING 69%


Kidari Kidari

POSITIVES: 1. BGM because even for some mokka scenes it makes us to not look down the screen done by darbuka siva and this debut as a music director he had already acted in rajadhandiram 2. fight sequence awesome all were realistic pakka 3. the script is a decent one and the way they took it was good 4.Vela Ramamurthy the villain who acted in sethupathi this is also one of his good ones showed great charisma we couldnt identify he was such a baddy and black sheep. 5. O. A. K. Sundar u would not know him he acts in serials the guy made us laugh 6.cast selection except heroine 7.costumes and technitions this story happening during 90's good makeup especially when they showed flashback transformed 60 year old man to during their 30 years NEUTRAL: 1. SASI KUMAR he absoluety gave 100% in the class portion but again damaged when trying mass NEGATIVE: 1.songs not even one song satisfies 2. heroin could have had any other girl she cantr match unique with sasi kumar she is the same girl who played in vetrivel many scenes irritating while she comes during love portion powerful punch dialouge which every sasi kumar flim has is missed in this 1st HALF: it goes to fast time porathe therla it had some content but yet some missing elements gives us not full satisfaction . we think that this also will be one of those predictable tamil movies mass scene- 1st fight scene with totally differnent action and brutal 2ND HALF- didnt go fast as 1st half but had more essential content than 2nd half movie ending had new concept but not satisfied the flash back portion portion where nepolean comes is the solution which finally removed all the knots but it gives us a thrill no best scene mass scenes overall this is a one time watchable movie or may be 2 times in simple this is mash up of all sasi kumar movies it gives u a feel of usual tamil movies but actually its quite unusual drama which u will love CAST REPLACEMENT- ananya of nadodigal fame can be replaced with heroin no hero replacement needed but it would also be good if vijay sethupathi acts RATING- 71%


Dharma Durai Dharma Durai

POSITIVES: 1. Radhika acting as a village mom one of her best roles 2. Kanja karupu and vijay sethupathi comedy 3. Natural fights without any over scene 4. Cinematography 5.cast selection especially the family of sethupathi 6.Aishwarya's acting 7. 1st kuthu song with village beat and vijaysethupathi drunken dance gives goosebumps NEGATIVES : 1. Too long second half with dragging and bad editing 2. Some Dialogue's were over casual and unwanted during conversation. NEUTRAL : 1. Songs except the 1st kuthu were not much exciting but the visuals were good .could have given more effort . It was not surely not like yuvans songs 2. Tamana she didn't do so much of acting and also didn't impress the audience much .she looked good like in her old days of kaloori So ..... 1st HALF : just before the flash back in clg all the village portions before the flash back were awesome . The family comedy and kuthu song gave me a feel that I'm going to witness a mass entertainer like paruthiveeran but when the flash back comes it goes on the gear shifted from 5 to 2 .slow and the interval card section was a crap.people moved with mixed feelings . Mass scene - fight in clg Best scene no nothing 1st half 2nd half : Nearly 1 and half hour. It become too slow and was a totaly different feeling am I watching this movie or something. With Another flash back but it was better than 1st one and had a matter in it. Saw vijaysethupathi as an complete actor vera level poitaaru. Same as interval title card finishing also summa bussnu poitu Mass scene - vijaysethupathi beating the hell out of his brothers who caused his marriage abonded. Best scene- vijaysethupathis clg rival saves him from death in climax. So overall this movie is like a up down graph changes your mood . Some scenes are exceptionally good but some sucks. Seenu the director should have looked over this .it's an absolutely one time watchable movie with your family . CAST REPLACEMENT - I can't imagine anyother person in this vijaysethupathi role RATING - 69%


Thirunaal Thirunaal

POSITIVES: 1. Sharath Lohitashwa THE VILLAIN has given his best 2. songs are good to hear and watch. by srikanth deva 3. cinematography good NEGATIVES: 1. weak script predictable story line 2. borry and unwanted scenes dragging the movie even more 3. no powerful comedian and they have done somebullshits in name of comedy people laughing when villain romancing with his vappati. 4. nayanthara looks worst this is the worst look in her career not even i can imagine her as a village girl neither her role suits. nayathara fans are dissapointed even meenakshi the item in the movie and villains ex wife looked better than her . 5. jeeva should learn more to act not even 20% acting of his old movies.infact i dont know how he selected this story . infact his name is blade in this movie and movie also very blade 6.BGM sucks . 7. neeya nana gopinath waste of time NEUTRAL: FIGHTS thankgod they didnt try some air fights and stunts its ok. KARUNAS not used much but his thikku vai acting worked well could have atleast used him much 1st HALF- borry and irritating gives us a feel of marana mokkai movie best scene ROFL nothing like that. 2nd HALF- compared to first half ok but its going like a serial its gives us a feeling like when will this crap finish and audience start giving counter comments for emotional dragging scenes. best scene ...... the scene were jeeva was to be murdered by his fellow rowdy mate on order by main villain and so overall if you u feel so borry and want to kalai u can definately watch this crap. there are lot of b grade scenes featuring meenakshi which guys are loving and the movie will run for few days beacause of that only CAST REPLACEMENT- barath and any new upcomming actress would have been nice . RATING- 53%


Joker Joker

positives: 1.script of the story and strong and brilliant execution credits goes to director raj murugan for this award winning movie 2. cinemotography 3.natural and unexpected acting from the hero guru somusundaram who has acted in movies like jigardhanda,aaranya gandam,thoongavanam which i couldnt recoganise so thats shows his variation and skills in acting 4. no unwanted scenes they just showed us whats neccesary 5.cast selection with all new faces NEGATIVES: 1. it gives us a feel of dragging due to its class art during a few scenes 2. more guys from age 18-25 generally will say this mokkai as they dont understand and does not have much maturity to understand especially the political and society jokes part in 1st half NEUTRAL: 1.i felt the songs didnt make more good .visuals were good the song jasmine and last song can be selected as good ones but overal could have done better. 1st HALF- not satisfied as same things like getting cought to police and the inerval card is like summa busssunu mudichitanga.ennada da idhu avlodhana ipdi mokkaya poirumo irundhuchi . best scene was the hero explain about society when sitting in abulance 2nd HALF- excellent hatts off .time poradhe theriyile it had the matter and just vanished the negatives in 1st half. best scene is the climax. that old man dialouge cast replacement- well its not needed . but IMRAN khan from bollywood and nithin satya will also fit in roles of hero. so this is 1time must watch flim for all above the age 18. rating- 85%



this movie gave ajith the name THALA.from this movie till now he is called thala in tamil clashed with vijays kushi.both were super hits in box make it simple deena is a marana mass movie of ajith kumar and suresh gopi who also plays an important role


BILLA (2007) BILLA (2007)

best don movies by thala.very great comeback after flop of alwar and kireedam which was average in box one can replace his role.this is an all time block buster movie