Anto Terence




Kuttram 23 Kuttram 23

An intelligent medical thriller cop movie and masala director should know, how to movie present a movie. and overall awesome technical and good casting .and spe mention to director Arivazhagan and one director should be appreciated.


Bairavaa Bairavaa

awesome flim vj anna and its happy news 4th 100 crore movie for vijay chek it


Joker Joker

JOKER :It is not only movie it is lesson to all big directors, actors, actress and technicians how a movie should delivered to general audiance and critics with hard hitting message.this will be best flim in indian film history.VERDICT:WELLDONE rating 5/5


Theri Theri

theri atlee gud presentation, vijay complete effort and all other cast perfect .technial team awesome ,it is way class+mass flim should be .theri again blockbuster 2016 after kathi