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Baahubali: The Conclusion Baahubali: The Conclusion

Baahubali 2 - A Must Watch ... Off-late we have watched many movies that has a superb cast, good songs, technically rich and great VFX work, but the movie would have failed miserably and the reason could be the lack of emotional connect with the audience. That is the one thing that Rajamouli never fails to bring in his every film and that is the reason why Baahubali series is great. "Emotional Connect". Baahubali 2 is nothing sort of Visual Extravaganza. Prabhas, Anushka, Nasser has lived their roles. Apart from plenty of VFX, there are too many reasons to applaud this film, be its a hero elevation scene, war sequence, love potions, Baahubali brings in the required emotional connect. I can assure you that you can literally feel the goosebumps at many places. Let me stop detaling it, you should experience the film. To know why Kattappa killed Baahubali... Watch it in theatres. This is one of the very few films where you should not miss to watch it in theatres.


CHENNAI 600028 - 2 CHENNAI 600028 - 2

Venkat prabhu just recreated the magic of Chennai 600028. Fun overloaded. Take your gang and enjoy the show. Best entertainer this year !


Iru Mugan Iru Mugan

Too many logic loopholes made this wannabe interesting thriller a below average film. Vikram this time had selected a better script but the director messed up in the second half; which turns as predictable and over the top towards climax. Technically the movie is sound with Harris Jeyaraj and RD Rajasekar gave their best.


Kuttrame Thandanai Kuttrame Thandanai

Manikandan has proved that he is not a one time wonder, but this thriller has pace problem, despite the slow narration for the most part the movie is gripping. whole cast and technicians does a good job. Somehow i found that the cinematographer Manikandan shines better than writer in this film. Keeping away few negatives this is definitely a watchable thriller


Thirunaal Thirunaal

A boring outdated and unexciting script, below average songs and everything related to movie doesn't work with me. The modulation of Jiiva is quite irritating and even Nayan could not save the film.


Kabali Kabali

Thanks to Ranjith to explore the actor in Rajinikanth. Being a die hard Tamil cinema fan was little worried that after Rajinikanth gets a PAN Indian actor status his movies like Sivaji, Endhiran and his previous Lingaa were all commercial/masala & that might give a bad image thatTamil industry sticks only to commercial movies/larger than life films. With this kabali now other state people might get to know that we have been doing artistic movies too. Coming to Kabali its a 50-50 where Rajinikanth as an actor scored over the complete story line.. However on repeated watch this movie is getting better every time. Kabali is a Ranjith story where Rajinikanth stared in and not vice versa.


Appa Appa

Appa is upgraded version of "Sattai" the only difference is Thambi Ramaiah is not a villain here, but still he was shown as a bad example of parenting. There are few good things that needs attention, like parent guidance to their children on opposite gender, parents encouragement to physically challenging students. But somehow, in the middle of showing the atrocities of private schools who works as mafia. The movie misses it path as a movie and ended as a documentary on messages of messages.


Oru Naal Koothu Oru Naal Koothu

Nelson's Oru Naal Koothu is a brilliant film on current generation marriages and relationships. I found the climax to be the best, in reality women are more stubborn than men, when it comes to decision making. once they made you friendzoned man you are just in a friend zone (Nivetha Pethuraj - Dinesh) episode. Justin musically, Mia, Rythvika and that RJ guy had done a good job.


Kali Kali

Kali, initially i thought this would be a movie that preaches about anger management contrary to my thoughts or expectation, sameer handled it pretty well, he had constructed a screenplay that looks like happens naturally that forms a crux,. Worth a Watch