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Kabali Kabali

Kabali; Personally I felt Movie promotions was a big let down for me!! Once we enter to the theater we expected a movie like Basha But i felt its an Ranjith Film. Technically well sound movie. Take away the Malaysia Tamil line its an simple Revenge film done by an SUPERSTAR.Kabali lacks inbetween Mass and emotional drama. Pa.Ranjith need to be appreciate because he didnt compromise in any scene because of SUPERSTAR. Superstar carries this film as an One man show. Kabali definitely an watchable once but sure its not make an WOW(Personal Opinion)!!!


Joker Joker

Joker(2015) Defientely Must Watch movie for movie Lover.A Bold & Highly experiment movie by Writer and Director Raju Murugan sir. Guru Somasundaram lived in the character Given us an Blood and flesh performance in his carrier..Other characters are perfectly choice and portrayed. Technically Cheliyan and Sean Rolden given their best in their carriers. Overall, Joker was an well made Political satire and Gives us an tight slap before we come out from the movie. Kudos to the entire team!! Special mention to the producer who support this kind of efforts!! Biggest plus is Dialogues which straightly hit our Mind. Watch it in Theater and Celebrate our president "Mannar Manna"